Rates & Insurance


I am currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. For all other insurances I can provide you with a superbill (which is an insurance-specific receipt) for you to submit for potential reimbursement. 

why private pay?

Many people understandably look for the most economical approach possible when looking for counseling services. This usually means utilizing your insurance benefits. Often insurance companies impact treatment options by dictating the type of counseling you receive, length of treatment, length of sessions, and requires a mental health diagnosis which remains on your permanent medical record.

Paying privately allows me to focus on providing you the best care based on your needs, while offering you the utmost flexibility and privacy.

*Now accepting Care Credit as another private pay option.*

Initial Intake Sessions

  • 60 mins | $175 (individual)
  • 75 mins | $185 (couple)

Individual Sessions

  • 60 mins | $150
  • 90 mins | $200

Sliding Scales are offered on individual cases. Contact for more details.


  • $135 per hour | 3 to 7 hours
  • $125 per hour | 8 hours or more
  • $ 135 per hour | minimum of 4 hours for Couple or Family intensives

Payment plans are offered for intensives. Contact for more details.

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