Sexual Addiction

What is Sexual Addiction?

Having an unhealthy or pathological relationship with sex/porn that one continues to engage in despite the negative consequences that affect their lives. Sex/porn addiction can be considered a mood-altering experience.

The problem. “Addictive sexual behavior, acting-out behavior we sometimes call it, leads to feelings of shame and depression: it has the effect of masking, covering up, or numbing feelings; and it leads to isolation and a complete loss of control. Healthy sexual behavior, on the other hand, is characterized by mutual respect, a sense of clarity about feelings and communication, joyfulness, and genuine intimacy; it tends to make people feel emotionally and physically safe.” Hope and Recovery, 1987 SAA 12-Step

How do I know if I have an addiction?

Go to and take screening test provided for free. If you do not feel you are an addict, but maybe a betrayed partner there is a screening test for you as well.

How do I Start treatment?

Meeting with a clinician one-on-one for an initial visit is the first step in addressing your symptoms. Based on this assessment, I can help you decide on the best approach to begin to work on your symptoms. Starting treatment is a big step, and I’m here to help. To request information or to get started fill out the contact us form and I will be in touch.