Teresa Elayyan

Addictions, Trauma, and Yoga Specialist

One of the hardest things to do is to take the first step in seeking help. Congratulations! You have
taken this first step. I’m proud of you… You are now on the path towards recovery and/or self-
discovery. Whether the problem is addressing past experiences, family dynamics, physical and/or
emotional traumas, or searching for your life’s purpose, I am here to assist you through your journey.
Together we will create a plan of action specifically tailored to your needs using traditional
psychotherapy techniques or ancient mind/body tools, or possibly a combination if appropriate.

I am committed to assisting you in working through challenges from a holistic point of view.
Many of my techniques for counseling come from the Existential approach for which I apply in
both clinical and educational settings. I am, though, experienced in different modalities using a
wide range of theory which, I believe, ensures that your worldview is honored.

I am a resident therapist in training, a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC), an Illinois
Certified Domestic Violence Professional (ICDVP), a certified yoga teacher (CYT-200), sound
healer, and Reiki practitioner who specializes in treating co-occurring disorders, with an
emphasis on mindfulness. I believe that the connection of the mind and body must be
addressed concurrently for long term alleviation of symptoms. Incorporating mindfulness helps
bestow a person with a sense of wellbeing in the present moment as opposed dwelling on the
past or being anxious about the future.

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