Yoga Release

Yoga is an ancient practice without any denomination or religion. Ancient texts have documented
the science of yoga for thousands of years. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj (to
yoke), meaning to bind, add, and join in reference to the mind, body, spirit unification through a
practice. There are different styles of yoga, all with the same purpose to connect the mind, body,
and spirit through the various forms of practices. Today, modern yoga in the western world has a
prominent emphasis on the physical fitness aspects that yoga provides. The physical benefits that
arise from a yoga practice are beneficial but the practice is far more than an exercise program. The
positive outcomes that research shows on yoga as a therapy, shows how beneficial the practice can
be as a supplemental or add-on treatment to already evidenced based therapies for both physical
and mental conditions.

The practice that Teresa has created uses different styles of yoga along with Reiki, and sound
vibrational frequencies to assist the body in the release of stuck emotions, traumas, and
energies from the body. These practices are not new but the way that Teresa integrates these
different ancient healing techniques together with psychotherapy and mindfulness provides a
therapeutic benefit not found at your local yoga studio. This practice has been designed to help
individuals improve acute symptoms while in therapy with a goal for a yoga practice to be
transitioned into the personal life after therapy for long-term maintenance in equilibrium.

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